Open Call


SAI Factory invites artists, designers, coders, technologists and creatives from all disciplines to explore artificial intelligence as a means and field of artistic practice.

Our Open Call invites proposals that curiously, critically, and enthusiastically engage with the current possibilities of AI technology and propose alternatives to current developments such as style transfer.

The project aims to foster cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange and new approaches towards artistic production: How does the interaction between humans, AI, datasets and neural networks shape the artistic process? How can we foster interoperability, or synesthesia, between the four domains of text, music, image and movement? Can AI share the momentum of creation, when inspiration comes into being?

SAI Factory will provide for a space to experiment and prototype AI driven artistic projects and support selected works. The process starts with an open call for artistic proposals followed by a second call for skills for tech-savvy practitioners willing to contribute. Internationally renown and dedicated mentors of the field will review the artistic proposals and check them for feasibility, tools and skills needed to realize the project. A period of online social encounter and match-making will form international teams around the artistic proposals. 

In August 2021, in an international hybrid 24/48h hackathon the participants will come together and join forces to prototype, experiment and work on the realization of the artistic ideas. The hackathon will take place both locally - in Hamburg, Zurich, Lagos, Thuwal, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and San Francisco - and virtually. By the end of the hackathon, all prototypes will be presented to the international community. 

A board of mentors and partners will select six prototypes that will be rewarded with a fee of 2.000 € and the opportunity to create a further developed version of their work for an exhibition at the Goethe Institutes in Mumbai, Abu Dhabi and San Francisco, as well as the ZKM Karlsruhe in spring 2022. Further production support will be provided. All involved creators, project ideas and prototypes will be presented during the exhibition as well. 


SAI Factory process:

• Call for Artistic Proposals

• Call for Skills

• Review, Approval & Translation – informed by the multidisciplinary expertise of SAI Factory's mentors and partners

• Match-Making – international interdisciplinary team building process

• 24h Hackathon – happening virtually connected and in XX cities in partner institutions in the field of science, technology and the arts

• Prototype Presentation – international presentation of the prototypes created during the hackathon

• Finalization – rewarded teams can continue to work on their prototypes 

• Exhibition 

We hope that SAI Factory will give access to the means of production within the field of artificial intelligence, empower and connect new creators for the field.

Link to the application form


Mentors and Partners

Prof. Mohamed Elhoseiny, KAUST, Thuwal

Bettina Steinbrügge, Director Kunstverein in Hamburg

Prof. Eike Langbehn, HAW Hamburg

Prof. Alexander Schubert, HfMT Hamburg

Ludger Brümmer, Hertz Lab, ZKM Karlsruhe

Florian Dohmann, Birds on Mars, Berlin

Nidhi Joshi, University of Hamburg

Anurag Priyadarshi, scientist technology, Bangalore

Vinod Rajan, Clindworth GmbH, Hamburg

Barry Reese, Capgemini, Munich

Paulina Zybinska, ZHDK, Zurich

Christoph Faulhaber, Artist, Hamburg


Hackathon Locations

Hamburg, Zurich, Lagos, Thuwal, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hong Kong, Melbourne, San Francisco


Partner Institutions

International Summer Festival, Kampnagel Hamburg

Kunstverein in Hamburg

KAUST, Thuwal

ZKM, Karlsruhe

ZHDK, Zurich

HAW Hamburg

FH Ottersberg

Goethe Institutes in: Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lagos, San Francisco

Funded by:

German government, the Department of Culture and Media

Ministry of Culture and MediaIndia Week Hamburg

Ministry of Culture, Hamburg

Kalkbreite, Zurich